Mandy Rhodes

Mandy started cycling outdoors with her husband when he bought her all of the gear she needed to get started. She was resistant at first but now can’t seem to get off her bike. She loves the feeling of going places far away that you could never reach in a car. When training for triathlon’s and century rides, she found that indoor cycling was a great substitute for going outdoors when she didn’t have enough time to head out on the road. She fell in love with the energy of the classes, the great music, the motivation of her fellow cyclists and getting her butt kicked. She decided to get certified and now kicks her own classes’ butts!! She feels the class motivates her to be the best cyclist and instructor that she can be. The goals of Mandy’s classes are to give you an amazing workout while keeping good form and biomechanics so that you can get the best out of the class and the most out of your body!! She believes there is no point in doing something that you hate to do. So find what you love, like she loves cycling, and do it hard. It’s worth every second!!

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